How Ohio State football is making its mark in college football

The Buckeyes are showing their brand of winning football with a pair of helmets.

The Buckeyes have won the last three national championships in college sports and now they are taking their football brand to another level.

The team is now selling helmets made of its own special material.

Ohio State’s helmet is made of a special composite material called “PowderCoated”.

The material is soft and flexible.

It can be used to replace or enhance the feel of an existing helmet.

“I think it’s going to help our players,” said defensive end Mike Iupati, who has worn the helmet in games this season.

“The way it feels, it’s a lot softer.

You don’t feel any pressure on your head.

I’ve seen some helmets that I have been wearing for two years, and they feel great.”

Iupati is one of several Buckeyes to wear the helmet, but it’s not the first time he has worn it.

Ohio state has been wearing it for a few years.

It’s just now being seen by the fans, which has excited many.

“When we’re playing, we’re looking at each other, talking, just trying to keep each other safe,” Iupatti said.

“So to see it be on the field for us, I’m very excited.”IUPATI’S NEW HATThe Ohio State Football helmet is now available for pre-order.

To order a pair, visit Ohio or call 866-WISCONSIN.

 (Photo: Chris Hanretty, USA TODAY Sports)Iupatti and his teammates have been using the new material for years, but the Buckeyes finally felt the pressure of playing in front of millions of fans at the Big Ten Championships.

That’s when the Buckeye players and coaches decided to use it in practice.

“The last few years, the football team has been playing against each other,” IUPATIS said.

“[But] this year, it was just to be ready for the game.

We’ve been practicing for a couple months and then it was like, ‘OK, this is going to be our helmet.

Let’s make it happen.'”

The Buckeye team will wear the helmets in the season opener against No. 6 Penn State on Oct. 11.

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