How to fix Baylor’s defense

On the day of the 2017 season, the Baylor Bears were in their third game in four weeks.

As expected, they were shut out, but the team was able to put up a good fight, despite a porous defense.

The Bears went 3-7 in their first four games.

Then they started to put things together. 

Baylor’s defense had played well in the past, and the defense had been dominant against the pass.

The defense was one of the top three in the country.

Now, they had an elite defensive line.

They were solid at stopping the run, and they were a force in the pass game. 

It was a pretty solid performance by the Bears defense. 

For all the hype, the Bears were actually pretty good in 2017.

The passing game wasn’t great, but they were able to shut down teams like Georgia Tech, USC, Clemson, and Georgia. 

Their defense was better than expected, and it was still not as good as last year, when they were ranked No. 8 in the nation.

However, the offense was very good, and in their final five games, they averaged more than 25 points per game.

And that was with a talented quarterback in Bryce Petty and a talented offensive line that was starting to get better. 

The Bears defense allowed just over 14 points per contest in 2017, which was good for sixth in the Big 12. 

So what’s the big deal?

The Bears defense is not good.

The secondary is not great.

The offensive line isn’t great.

They are a pretty good defense, but it is not one of those elite defenses that you can get past in the league. 

What makes the defense so good is the way they play defense.

They do not throw the ball.

They run the ball a lot.

They play smart. 

This defense is one of two in the conference that has the second-best scoring defense.

There are other great defenses in the ACC that also play fast. 

In 2017, the defense held Georgia Tech to just 37 points per outing. 

They held Clemson to under 20 points per encounter. 

At times, they ran the ball so much that Georgia Tech could run their offense through it, and then throw the football. 

And then when the ball was in the air, the Falcons ran the football, and that gave the Bears a big boost in points. 

One of the big problems that the Bears had last year was that they had to make adjustments in the game plan to account for the offensive line.

This season, they have some answers for the line, and have been better in the way that they play offense. 

When you watch the Bears, they run the football hard.

They can do it with all their weapons.

They have good speed.

They use good blocking.

They don’t throw the interceptions.

They stop the run a lot better.

They will make adjustments to keep that offense rolling, and Baylor will be able to run with the defense that they are used to. 

If they can do that, they will be one of very few teams that can stop the pass on the ground. 

While they are not going to be the best defense in the American Athletic Conference, they are probably the best in the entire country. 

I am not sure if they can be good enough to beat Georgia Tech in the bowl game.

They might be better than they are right now.

They definitely are not the team that they were in 2016. 

But the Bears will get another chance in the Cotton Bowl if they are able to play well enough. 

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