How to get the most out of the Buckeyes football schedule

Ohio State football fans are probably wondering how to get through the weekend without a big win.

But the Buckeye faithful have been on a roll for a few weeks now, and they know exactly what to do.

You can do this.

Here are the five most common things to do during the fall.


Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in the comfort of your own home, at your own table.

We’ll assume you have the luxury of an open kitchen or a place to sit at the table.

(If you have a table, it’s probably better to buy a table with a back seat, too.)


Get out and see your favorite team.

If you can’t go see your team, then your favorite local sports team is a great choice.


Visit a game.

The Buckeyes have been rolling through the Big Ten, winning their first three games of the season and cruising to a 10-1 record.


Get the turkey.

Forget about buying a big turkey, but don’t forget to get a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving dinner.


Go see your best friend’s family for Thanksgiving.

Not many people would choose to be the first person in the world to go to a football game, but a lot of Ohio State fans are going to be making the trip to the Rose Bowl.

This means you’ll need to get up early and pack a bag, because no one wants to wait in line for hours just to get to the game.

This is a perfect way to get yourself ready for the season.

Don’t forget, if you can wait, to do this will make you the first to go for Thanksgiving since 1999.

Get your favorite Buckeye team food, food trucks, and more at the links below.

Ohio State Thanksgiving Dinner Menu: ____________________________________Caviar Sandwich: $15.99____________________________________Apple Cider-Sriracha Chicken Pot Pie: $14.99 _____________________________________Tortilla Dip: $7.99 (no potatoes, no veggies)____________________________________Turkey Sandwich: ($14.95)_____________________________________Turkey with Gravy: ($11.95 with potatoes, gravy, potatoes, potatoes)_______________________________________Roasted Brussels Sprouts: $10.95 (no onions, no peppers)___________________________________Stuffed Baked Turkey: $8.95___________________________________Truffle Butter Tarts: $9.95 ______________________________________Pineapple Cobbler: $12.95____________________________Truffled Carrots: $4.95(no potatoes)____________________________Carrot Cake: $6.95____________________Soups and Stews: $2.99____________________Parsley, Basil, Cauliflower, and Tomato Soup: $3.99____________________________Roasted Carrots and Cauliflowers: $1.99__________Crispy Sweet Potato Sausage: $5.95__________Cheesy Potato Cakes: $11.99_______Sweet Potato Cake:$2.79__________Stuffed Pumpkin Pie:$4.99, with a side of bread and butter and cranberry sauce.______________________Roasted Garlic Bread: $13.99______________________________________________________________________________________________________Turkey, Cheddar, and Cheddar Cheese: $22.95_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Turkey, Sweet Potato, Cilantro, and Onion Soup:$11.49______________________Sweet Potato with Red Wine Sauce: $19.99(no onions)______________________Chicken Breast, Roasted Cauli-Fettuccine: $17.99Chicken Breast and Sausages: $18.99Roasted Turkey and Sliced Pork: $23.99Bacon, Onion, and Garlic Soup: ($12.99)______________________________Chili and Bacon Cauliac: $16.99Chili Sausé: $21.99Cheese and Bacon Bread:$13.95Chili-Garlic-Ginger Pasta: $20.99Chopped Vegetables, Green Beans, and Sweet Potato: $24.99Eggs and Ham: $31.99Green Beans, Ham, and Red Cabbage: $27.99Grits and Peanut Butter: $29.99Ketchup: $34.99Lettuce Wrapped in Bacon: $28.99Meatloaf, Broccoli, and Peppers: $32.99Oatmeal with Cranberries and Peas: $33.99Pepperoni, Cheese, and Cheese Sauce:$36.99Red Roasted Peppers, Bacon, and Onions: $36.95Stuffed Turkey, Bacon and Garbage: $37.99Thick and Sizzling Turkey Salad: $41.99Turkey and Cheese:$46.99

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