How to watch Michigan football today

Michigan has a game against Texas A&M at noon, but the Wolverines will be looking to stay in the mix.The Spartans have a win against Michigan State, then a loss to Michigan.A loss to Texas A.&M is a tiebreaker for the win over the Wolveries.Michigan will be favored by as much as 17.5 points.The Wolverines […]

What’s in the Big Ten football schedule?

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany said he hopes the league’s football schedule won’t get “too much attention” in the next few years, but he does expect some changes this year.The conference has announced it will add three new games and the Big East is adding two more.He said it’s a “pretty exciting year” for the […]

How to win the NFL’s Super Bowl | The Post

The NFL is in a position of relative strength in the NFL playoffs, and that’s because the league has to rely on the same formula as the other sports leagues: win the Super Bowl, and the playoffs will become a lot more exciting.It’s not as simple as “win the Super.The Super is a coin flip.”For […]

NFL season officially underway

The NFL’s regular season kicked off on Saturday with a thrilling battle between the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers.The Steelers won the game 30-14, and the Colts were victorious 27-14.The game featured some thrilling moments and some tense moments.Here are a few of them.The score: 1-0Pittsburgh SteelersThe Steelers scored their first touchdown on a […]

How to watch the Super Bowl live in the UK

If you’re in the United Kingdom, you’ve probably already got a Super Bowl viewing plan in place, and that includes a good amount of people in your area.The event is held every February, and for the last few years, there’s been a bit of a boom in the number of fans attending games, with the […]

Which QBs have the best NFL seasons?

There’s a reason why the NFL season isn’t officially over until March, and that reason is a mystery.While the NFL has been known to tweak the rules for the past few seasons, it’s not quite as drastic as some would think.That’s because the NFL is one of the most dynamic sports leagues in the world, […]

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