What do you know about Georgia Bulldogs football player Georgia Bulldog?

The Bulldogs are a rising star in college football.

The team is undefeated and has a strong schedule this year.

They’ll play Florida State, Michigan State, Nebraska, Auburn, Clemson, and Notre Dame on the schedule.

But what about the player?

We sat down with Bulldogs head coach Jim Harbaugh and former Georgia running back Chris Johnson to find out about the man behind the Heisman trophy.

Jim Harbaugh: First off, congrats on your first career win as a coach.

I’m sure everyone was hoping you were the guy to bring that honor to the program, but I don’t think anyone expected you to win the Heisman.

I know that’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

What was the moment that you got that first win?

Jim Johnson: I think it was definitely the first time I played college football, so I’m pretty sure it’s the first year I got to play college football in front of a full house, and that’s what you want.

I had to make sure we were prepared for the crowd, we had to prepare for the field and everything that goes into a game.

You want to make the most of that opportunity and have a successful game, so we definitely had to execute.

What were your expectations going into the game?

Jim: I thought we had a chance to win it, and it’s nice to be in a situation like that.

We were in a tough situation, and I think we had an opportunity to make a run and be able to take that game.

It’s nice that we got a chance and we took it.

Did you prepare to play in front a full home crowd, or was that something you just got used to?

Jim, you’re the only player that has won two Heisman Trophies, and you also are a running back.

What did you think of playing in front the home crowd?


It was a different situation, but they’re going to love that.

It was definitely different, but it was a great experience.

Were you happy with the way you played?

Jim?: I’m happy to be part of this program and be in front my home fans, and when they came out to cheer us on, it was nice to have that energy going into that game and the crowd and the players and the fans, especially when you win that many games, and to get a win is special.

I think that’s something that a lot more teams haven’t achieved in the history of this sport, so it’s really cool to have the support of those fans and to be able have that support, even if it’s just for the next couple of weeks.

You played in a big-time game, and the next week you got to sit on the bench for a while and see the crowd come out and celebrate.

What’s the highlight of the season?

Jim:(Well, I’m just happy to have this opportunity.

I’ve been lucky enough to play a lot, and there’s a couple of things I’ve learned about this game, but football is an incredible game and it definitely will be fun to see how the season goes.

You play with so much confidence and so much respect for what we’re doing, and every game I’m excited to get in the booth and see how we perform and what we do well.

We’ll see where we’re at, and we’ll take it day by day, and then we’ll see what happens.

What does this team need to do to improve?

Jim is one of the best offensive minds in the country, and he’s just one of those guys who has a lot to offer as far as football is concerned.

He’s got a lot on his plate right now, and just as much to learn from the coaching staff.

What are some of the things that need to improve in your game?

What is your biggest challenge this year?

Jim and I talk a lot about what our biggest challenge is going into a season like this, and what you’ve got to do in order to get better and improve and be the best you can be.

That’s what we’ve got the coaches to help us with, and so far it’s been working out.

What is your favorite part of the job?


You know, it’s kind of a crazy game.

This is one you don’t know anything about.

It takes a lot for me to sit back and watch it and be excited.

But I just enjoy it, because it’s a fun game.

I like playing it with all the guys, and having a lot less pressure than you would get if you were playing in a real game.

And it’s fun to watch it, too.

Jim, what are some other aspects of your game that you’re working on this year that you’d like to get out on the field?

Jim(laughs): You know how we’re all just so excited for the game this

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