What’s the deal with football helmets?

The NFL is currently in the middle of a controversy over the league’s new helmets, which are a complete departure from previous NFL history.

Many are questioning the appropriateness of these new designs, particularly considering the helmet’s popularity has been so limited.

The NFLPA has been calling for the league to stop making the helmets, but it’s not clear if it’s still doing so, or if the league is just using this as a way to deflect criticism.

The problem for the NFL is the new designs are all designed with a similar, retro look, so you could argue that they’re a retro design.

However, the helmets themselves look completely different.

For example, the new helmets don’t feature any sort of mesh that can be removed to reveal the helmets visor.

Instead, the mesh is a thin, reflective layer that wraps around the visor in a similar fashion to a modern-day helmet.

As a result, these new helmets look very much like the original helmets, even if they’re made in a much more modern, retro design style.

However, there’s a lot more to the new helmet designs than that.

The helmets themselves are actually the first ever to feature a removable visor, meaning that the new visors are removable, too.

That’s a huge improvement from the previous helmets that featured removable visors.

In fact, if you compare the new new visor designs with previous helmets, the old helmets look remarkably similar to the ones that came before.

For this reason, the NFLPA wants to know if the NFL will continue to make the new, removable vises, or will they remove them completely.

The NFL has been mum about the decision to remove the visors completely.

However it’s likely that the NFL won’t remove the helmet in its entirety, as it’s a clear violation of the collective bargaining agreement, according to the NFL.

The helmet can still be removed with a single click, but a new visoring system is necessary to do so.

The fact that the league hasn’t removed the visored helmets entirely suggests that they will likely still be sold for the season, which is also why the NFL isn’t removing them completely, according the Associated Press.

The new helmet is just one example of how the NFL has gone from a league known for its strong tradition of helmets to one that is constantly changing.

The league also decided to discontinue the old “Super Bowl” helmets that were worn during the 2009 season, and now the NFL’s helmets are also being replaced with new, more advanced designs.

These new helmets are probably going to cost a lot less than the old ones, which would make sense, since they’re going to be cheaper to produce.

However there’s no telling what they’ll look like when they’re in the market, which could be a problem if the new design isn’t very good.

As for the future of the NFL, it’s unlikely that the current designs will be retired, but they will no longer be available to purchase for the rest of the season.

That would also be a big win for the fans, but the league may not want to let fans buy these new versions for the entire season.

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