When the NCAAs are over: The SEC and Big 12 will be on the same stage

There will be no playoff, no national championship, no bowl games, no title game, no playoff game and no championship trophy.

That is the plan that will become reality next year when the conference football season resumes.

And it won’t be because of an NCAA rule change.

It will be because the conference decided that it was time to put the two biggest conferences in a new era.

The Big 12 and the SEC have had an uneasy relationship since the conference moved to the Pac-12 in 2009.

The two leagues have had a long history of scheduling, in part because of the way they have played conferences from the Atlantic Coast to the South and Midwest.

The SEC has been one of the most successful conferences in college football since joining the conference in 1970, winning the national championship three times and earning a pair of College Football Playoff berths in the process.

It has had to navigate some of the biggest and most lucrative college football markets in the country.

The conference has also been a major source of money for athletic departments, as the conference is one of three in the Big 12 with a significant chunk of its revenue coming from TV rights.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey is trying to get a bowl arrangement done in his first year at the helm.

He is trying for the first time to make a title game.

That may not be possible, but it’s not impossible.

It just may not happen in the next few years.

“There are a number of ways we could have an agreement, and we would have to have the support of all three conferences,” SEC commissioner Sankey said.

“The idea of the Big Ten coming to me and saying, ‘We have a bowl agreement,’ it’s just not realistic.

But we’re not going to go that route.

We want to have a long-term deal with the Big East and the Big South, so that’s a really good option.”

That could mean the SEC could have to move some games that were scheduled for next year, but not the ones that were played in 2016.

There will still be the conference’s traditional conference championship game, which would be played in 2021.

That would be the first of many meetings between the two conferences in coming years.

The league also has the option to move a game to a neutral site and play a bowl game, or it could move a bowl to the Rose Bowl.

That could lead to a potential tiebreaker game, like the last one in the Rose, in 2021, or another game played in the Cotton Bowl.

“It could be another one of those games that is a potential championship game and we could go to the Cotton and the Rose bowls,” Sankey explained.

“That would be a huge change, and I know they would be looking for it.”

Sankey also discussed the possibility of adding a bowl title game to the regular season.

The regular season was never designed for that.

It’s designed to get fans to watch games, and it’s also a chance to show a brand that might have a relationship with a program.

The only other bowl game that’s played in New York City in the modern era is the Rose in Pasadena.

The Rose Bowl is a huge deal for the NFL, which has a stadium that is nearly double the size of what it is today.

But it’s the only bowl game played at New York’s Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks play the New York Jets.

That was the only way that the league could have a championship game at Madison Square, which was the site of the NFL’s first Super Bowl, in 1952.

The NFL would have liked to have done that with the SEC, and that was the first thing they would have looked at, but they didn’t have a chance.

The idea of having the SEC and the ACC playing in New Orleans, for example, was not on their agenda, either.

It was never considered.

It wasn’t the goal of the league.

They wanted the Big XII to do it, too, which the Big 11 has done in recent years.

But the idea of an SEC and ACC championship game was not part of their vision, and the idea was never really a part of the conversation.

“We would have loved to have moved some games from the SEC to the ACC,” Sankeys said.

But that never happened.

The ACC, with its two regular-season games, was the league’s first priority.

The first thing you have to do is find the best, most attractive, market for that game, and then you get the best people to put in place the facilities.

Then you have a business plan, the stadiums, the coaching staff, the players, and everything else that needs to go in place.

That’s the process of looking at every avenue to get it done.

It would be an unbelievable accomplishment.

The biggest hurdle to moving games to New Orleans was getting approval from the league office.

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