When will the final two games be played?

When the Cougars host the Knights at home, they’ll host three of the top six teams in the conference and their top two ranked defenses, according to FPI. 

The last two games will be at home for both the Knights and the Cougs. 

It’s a long season, and the only time the two teams will meet will be in the postseason. 

So it will be interesting to see how the season progresses in the first round, with the Coug-Knights matchup looking like it might be one of the more important of the two games. 

For the Cougar, it could be an easy one, as the team has played better than its record would indicate, and while it would be tough to get past the undefeated Knights, there is still a possibility. 

But for the Knights, it would mean facing the worst defensive unit in the nation, which is why the odds of them winning it are slim. 

There’s a good chance the Cous would win it, too. 

They will have played better football, but if the defense can’t get it together on offense, they could find themselves in trouble. 

Last year, the Knights won the league with an offense that ranked eighth in total offense and seventh in scoring offense. 

That offense had the second-most points in the league, with 1,742. 

When the season began, they had the fourth-best defense in the country. 

In the final five games, they allowed 431. 

While the offense struggled, the defense held the Knights to a league-worst 5.6 yards per play. 

Both offenses have improved in recent weeks, but the Couces defense has to play with more consistency to succeed. 

I can’t predict which of these games will happen, but I can tell you that it’s unlikely to happen again. 

Two of the most important games will take place in the regular season, but both are not against the top two teams in this conference. 

These two games are going to be decided by how well the defense and offense perform in the final three weeks of the season. 

If both teams play their best football in the second half of the regular year, this will be the year to win the conference.

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